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GoDaddy CEO and Friends Killing Elephants

Eli Roth has brought to light via his Twitter account the actions of Bob Parsons, CEO of, doing some real “manly” stuff in Africa.

Yes, this man, who’s website starts off with a video of himself saying “Hi, I’m Bob Parsons!” to AC/DC and a beautiful woman flitting onto his arm, has posted some graphic video of himself shooting elephants in Zimbabwe.

“The video shows the CEO and his hunting party looking over a farmer’s damaged crops, shooting at elephants at night, and then Parsons posing with the dead bull. Sure, it’s not quite the same as the Afghanistan “Kill Team” posing over their human victims, but it’s every bit as alarming. It also shows crowds of villagers ravaging the carcass the next morning.”

I ask all to keep an open mind, but check out his blogsite, and take it all in. His actions in the middle of the night in Zimbabwe sure are a measure of his success.  You have enough money, you can do anything.

I understand the need for hunting in cultures, where the main sustenance for survival is to hunt off the land, such as the Inuit and native tribes of Africa, but this video is absolutly disgusting and truly shows that there are idiots still living among us.   It’s one thing to shoot an animal because there isn’t a local grocery store around the corner, but to glorify this action by having AC/DC playing in the background and posting it for all to see is juvenile and repulsive.

This so called Hunter, U.S. Marine. Not a real doc. Lover of all things American (esp Chevrolet, NRA & Smith & Wesson (from his Twitter account) sets the bar for middle aged douche-dom.  Tribesmen, who are starving, have limited means, and probably no access to the internet, smiling as they hack away at an endangered spieces wearing hats, is truly surreal.  Even the brilliant Eli Roth couldn’t equal nor replicate the horror and absurdityof these scenes in his movies.

Thank you Mr. Roth for bringing this to light via your Twitter account.

Click here to see the video

Get Glue and Foursquare about to Team Up

Two great social apps are about to team up. Foursquare teaming up with GetGlue.

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Disco Balls with Teeth

Nosferatu: The First Vampire (1922)

Nosferatu: The First Vampire (1922)

…What I’m saying is that I’m sick of Twilight vampires with their pasty listening faces and their undead abs of steel. That’s not a vampire, when did vampires get bodies like that. Vampires that work out, what the hell is wrong with you.. They are pasty and thin and go grr like that.  They dont go to a ghouls gym in the middle of the day

…A vampire should be a silent predator on the night not some guy you friend up with on myspace.. I know myspace isnt cool anymore. It’s all about Facetube tweetbot.. yes its about tweetybot.. vampires are behind the times though. these dont use myspace. they read newspapers. they’ve got their plasma screens made with real plasma.. A blood joke why thank you very much Craig..  – Craig Ferguson

I admit, I’m a True Blood fan,  the evilness, the good, the conflict, and of course the sex. Honestly, Suki is annoying as shit (apparently in the books she’s less annoying), and I say annoying, cause  fans just want to see Bill get over himself and kill and maim some humans, and this little blonde back country tart keeps appealing to his “good” self.  This trollop from the first X-Men movie, which in some ways resembled a vampire in her role of Rogue sucking the life soul out of anyone she touched, continuously annoys everyone around her, including the fans.  Maybe it’s just Anna Paquin herself, but  secretly don’t we all wish someone would suck the life blood out of this fairy, and move on with goodness in the bayou?  Granted, we would probably be left with 3 or 4 episodes with Bill pining for her, but that would be easily rectified by Eric killing him, and becoming the lead in the show.   For those readers not familiar with any of the information I just provided you, click here for the list of characters .

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Get your foursquare on with FourPlay for the BlackBerry PlayBook

From It looks amazing!

Foursquare for Playbook

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CIA’s ‘Facebook’ Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs

Seal of the Central Intelligence Agency of the...

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I knew it!

CIA’s ‘Facebook’ Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs

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