Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise!

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise

They're Back

Beastie Boys have released a single from their upcoming LP Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 ready to hit the shelves on May 3, bringing back a return after a two year hiatus and stalling of Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 1 which was never released due to Adam “MCA” Yauch being diagnosed with cancer.

Sabatoge, Fight for Your Right, and No Sleep ’till Brooklyn are some of my favourites, and this track makes me feel a little nostalgic. The song I believe shows  the age of these guys who started way back in 1979, and hopefully will grow on people.  Decide for yourself.

Beastie Boys.

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One response to “Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise!

  • Meg

    You know, I’m not a fan of the beastie boys, but they have one song that always reminds me of my friend who died 6 years ago this summer. “Girls” reminds me of driving around with Courtney and her boyfriend Terance. Always makes me smile…

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