Become a Foursquare Ambassador

Foursquare Ambassador Card

Foursquare Ambassador Card

Foursquare is the fastest growing social App on the BlackBerry, where users can check in their location and share their location privately with friends, but what’s the reward?  Sure, you can collect online badges, but don’t people love discounts and deals from local businesses?

The Foursquare Ambassador program is pretty simple:  Fill out an online form, and soon a pack of Ambassador cards will be headed your way, with your own distinct url hand out to local businesses. The businesses get details about their foot traffic and loyal customers, and you and your fellow foursquare users will see more Specials at your favorite places.

Foursquare Badges

Collecting Badges is Fun, but I want deals!

I just received my set of cards, and it looks like you receive at least 500 cards, and I know I’ll be handing them out like mad.  I’m hoping in the future that Ambassadors receive prizes or rewards from referrals as well, as this would be even more incentive for users to join the Ambassador program.  It would be a win win all around.

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To check out the Foursquare Ambassador Program, click here.

To join Foursquare, Click Here

Foursquare is a free BlackBerry App

To Download Foursquare from BlackBerry App World Click Here

To Download Foursquare from AppVerse Click Here

Foursquare Blackberry App World QR Code

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