BlackBerry Empire: A Tale of Two Tablets

BlackBerry Emmpire

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook since it was announced last year, and on Monday the RIM tablet was launched with a bit of fanfare, but not the staggering lineups at retail stores that Apple seems to garner.  The PlayBook has received quite a few negative reviews, as it seems alot of reviewers are comparing it to the iPad & iPad2.  From my early days of writing reviews, the golden rule was never compare one product to another product in an objective and fair review.

My friend Anthony Turgman at BlackBerry Empire decided it was time to put all the “comparers” to rest, and REALLY compare RIMS new tablet against the Apple tablet.  He has written a very objective and fair editorial, showing the timeline of reviews from the iPad release to the release of the PlayBook, clearly displaying the short memory span of some of the industries “top” reviewers.

Granted, RIM has released the PlayBook unfinished, but they did release it at an optimal time, with huge promises of native email, more apps, and 3G & 4G connectivity in the near future.  We must all remember that this is a first generation product, that it by no means a weak entry into the tablet market.

I for one don’t have a PlayBook, and am holding out due to the cost, as well as waiting to see what more RIM has to offer.  I sure wouldn’t object to getting my hands on one though if RIM decided to ship it to my doorstep. (Just saying).

I do have to put a caveat to the this post though, I am a contributer at BlackBerry Empire, and joined as a writer because I am thoroughly impressed by the objectiveness of all the contributers at BBEmpire.

Read the editorial here at

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