You Could Be Mine” Director’s Cut – Unreleased

 ***Note: These last two articles were researched and written with a friends friend in mind, who had  never heard of Guns N Roses.  What has become of the last generation, listening to Rhianna talk  about tying someone up, to bouncy, crappy, techno.***

While I was writing up the previous blog post, I was looking for one of my most favourite videos of  all time, Guns and Roses “You Could Be Mine”

This video which played on MuchMusic and MTV had scenes from Terminator 2 – Judgement Day,  including  one of the most memorable spots of the 90’s, Arnie meeting Guns ‘N Roses outside the bar  they were playing at.  You have to see it to understand the thrill we had watching this video by  watching  it to the very end.

Mark Racco

Mark Racco

I stumbled across this little nugget on YouTube, of the Directors Cut, which was Mark Racco’s original GNR performance off-line cut, before movie and concept footage from Terminator 2 – Judgement Day were added.  I don’t know much about Mark Racco, but from some quick research, he has had his hands in many famous music videos for bands such as Nirvana, The Cult, and many more.

Click Here to Watch the Directors Cut of Guns ‘N Roses – “You Could Be Mine” minus the movie footage.  It’s DAMN good.

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