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I was playing around tonight, and thought I’d give my hand at creating a Page on Facebook. I just realized I’ve spent three hours trying add a bloody “Like” box to my webpages, by WordPress hosted Blogs don’t support the damn coding.

From what I understand it’s some sort of security issue.

So, if you want to “Like” me. (I really wish there was a “Dislike” button for certain things.) Click on the on the link below, and then you are able to access some of my other really random things. If you’re a twitter user, you can follow my twatty thoughts that I twit occasionally.

Blog on folks.

Click here for Morbium on Facebook
Click here to follow on Twitter

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One response to “Morbium on Facebook

  • Shah Shahid

    Yea… I’m kinda waiting on my own website to link up to FB and make a page and all. Till then… comments is good enough for me… or lack of. *sighs…

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