RIM Gets More Social

Foursquare and Kobo Integration

Great news, Foursquare and Kobo are going to be integrated into one of the next upgrades to BlackBerry Messenger. It’s was already released last month that BlackBerry Messenger is going to be released across all platforms, including iPhone and Android, which is exciting news because it’s an amazing messaging app.

BlackBerry just aquired Gist, a Seattle based company,  which more efficiently create a complete view of your personal and domestic networks and keep informed about those with whom you have a relationship. –  BlackBerry Empire  

I’m trying Gist right now and it is quite amazing, and you really do have control of all your contacts, currently the BlackBerry app needs to be worked on a bit, but it seems very promising, and could possibly be integrated into BlackBerry Contacts in the near future.

RIM is truly recognizing the importance of Social Networking, not just for personal use but also business use.

Sources: BlackBerry Empire, BBNews

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