My Obsession with Free Stuff

Free Stuff

It all started with the BlackBerry PlayBook being released, and it’s gone  downhill  from there.

I adore electronic toys.

I believe I have my father to blame for this as I often bounced on my fathers  back and asked little kids questions about what he was doing as he sat cross-  legged on the living room floor trying to figure out the wire tangle he had in  front of him.

I didn’t understand his mumbling and grumbling was to be taken for an intense  thought process that would include deciphering which wire in this tangle he  created was to be connected to a toggle switch box.  This switch box was to be  connected to his HiFi stereo system through another set of wires, and another  set of wires was to be pushed through a hole in the ceiling so he could listen to  the Rolling Stones while he pooped in the bathroom.  Often my mother would come home, and ask, “Why is there a hole in the ceiling?”, to which he would often respond to talking about the value of having stereo speakers in every room in the house, and how great it would be to poop to music in Dolby Stereo.

My father’s eyes would glaze over and he’d drool a bit as he got the antenna on the house just perfect, and go into a muttering, mumbling rage if there was even an inch of snow on our tube tv.  Everything electronics had to be just perfect, and me with my annoying, hyperactive, bouncing child like curiosity, would often detract him from his mad scientist routine.

One summer, my dad brought home an IBM computer from the school where he worked, and set it up in the study.  He thought he’d be smart, and teach me how to use this technological marvel of the 80’s, show me the power of word programs, how to access files on a folder, and how to run a program.  His eyes would sparkle as he talked about this machine of the future, and I thought it was pretty boring.

Till I found a disc with Space Invaders, and I played the shit out of that game.

Dad had finally found a way to keep me still, and I became a technology geek, and it hasn’t stopped.  Now, I want me a damned BlackBerry PlayBook!

Times are tough around world round right now, and we are all counting our  pennies a little more just to be able to keep our monsters of the road moving.  (Damn you Khadafi) , so with a little innocent PlayBook contest on BlackBerry Empire, I thought, “Hell yah, I work Google like it’s my bitch, let’s see if there are any more contests.”

I have entered every damn contest I can, even entering for iPad2, I mean, if they’re giving them away, why the hell not.  I’m entering contests for trips, scooters, coffee, hell, anything that I can win, I’ll get my hands on.

There are certain rules I’ve given myself though, and this is probably sage advice for anyone that wants to protect themselves:

  1. Never provide a website with your cell phone number, especially if it’s a mandatory field.  They will send text’s to you like you wouldn’t believe.
  2. When you enter the contest, and it takes you to another link or website that asks you for more information, don’t do it, you’ll be spammed
  3. Facebook contests are a bit annoying, as you have to like them, and every time they post something, you’ll see it on your wall, your friends will think you’re really annoying.  I’m not saying don’t do Facebook contests, just make sure that as soon as the contest is over, you unlike that page, unless you really like them.
  4. If a contest asks for your credit card, get the hell out of that website, they’re going to steal your info, and you may find yourself with some interesting charges on your card.
  5. Create a brand new email account via any free provider like Gmail or Hotmail, and enter contests with that email.  Save you grief in your serious email inbox.
Here is a good links for contests, the writer lists contests as they come up:

Giving It Away

Now, when it comes to referrals for credits, Xpango is the safest.  Referal sites are tough to build credits for, but man, can you get some really cool, free shit for a little bit of work.

My main focus is to get the technology, I want to get some toys to play with, and who doesn’t like free electronic toys.  Even though my dad could probably re wire the Space Shuttle‘s so they could fly and poop for another 30 years cranking out Brown Sugar, he can’t text properly.  Go Figure.

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