My Million Dollar Movie – Zombies!

My Million Dollar Movie

About three years ago on the way to work, I heard an interview with Casey Walker on CBC Radio.  He had this insane idea to sell each frame of a movie that hadn’t been shot yet, till a goal of a million dollars was reached, and production could begin.

That dream has become a reality for Casey Walker, Producer and Director of “Little Bit Zombie”.  This homegrown Canadian project interested me and I bought shares, or frames in this unique endeavor.

Walker has just announced that shooting begins tomorrow, and I’m excited to see this labour of love, and true endeavor of stepping away from traditional means of raising funds for filmakers, and taking matters into the hands of true lovers and fans of movies.For $10.00 a frame, you can own a piece of this movie, and as Walker’s website states:

“Once we’ve completed the film, we willbe distributing it theatricly, making it available for digital download, video release and selling it for TV broadcast. Once the exhibitors and stores take their cut, we, the production company will split the remainder with the distributor. First we will pay back the distributor for their advance, then everyone who owns frames, essentially returning the total amount of your initial purchase. Once this is complete, we start paying you’re choice of charity the return fee on the frames you’ve purchased.” – My Million Dollar Movie

Currently, 195,317 frames have been sold, and only 430 frames are outstanding, and I’m tempted to buy even more shares. It’s exciting to see your name as a producer of a movie, and it does all go to a good cause, a movie about Zombies!!!

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One response to “My Million Dollar Movie – Zombies!

  • Brandon

    I think it is funny took this idea and is doing it for porn.

    But i guess that is on the same level as a zombie movie

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