Slave Lake After the Fires

What a business sign looks like after the #slavelake fire. on Twitpic  Fires ravaged through Slave Lake, Alberta this past week, destroying 40% of the town, mostly in the southeastern section of  the town,  where half the homes were consumed by flames. The mall, town hall and many downtown businesses were destroyed, and 7,000  people were evacuated.

Pictures are just now coming out showing the extent of the devastation to the community, and I have to thank @britl on Twitter for sharing these with the world.

“The town is gone,” one woman told CBC News. “There’s nothing left. There’s places where there should have been houses, and they’re gone. We lost everything.”

A trampoline, melted. #slavelake on TwitpicBritl will be posting more pictures on her Flickr account, but the latest pictures can been seen on Twitpic.

People who wish to help can  make donations through the Canadian Red Cross.

Two burnt cars... Stacked. #slavelake on Twitpic

Britl’s blog at

Brtil on Twitter

Britl on Flickr

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