Reality is a Dog’s Life

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I know I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, but I decided to take a bit of a hiatus this summer.  I was trying to enjoy some of the good things in life, while balancing family, work, and soaking in sun.  Sadly though, summer is quickly coming to an end, and winter will slowly approach covering us Canadians in cold weather, snow, grumpiness and depression.

As fall approaches, we can look forward to major networks putting on their crapload of pilot shows, and hope that the tv viewing public’s minds are jellyfished from Jersey Shore and Batchelor Pad.  The pitiful thing is, these shows are very popular, and even I have been sucked into watching an episode of Trolls and Lunkheads on the MTV channel.  (For those who have been subjected to Jersey Shore, I apologize to using big words.  Your brain cells will come back after a bit.)

I understand the attraction to these shows though,  they are easy to watch, they don’t require concentration beyond the viewer not allowing Slurpee juice to dribble down their chin.   The one thing I don’t  understand is why there are a select few that are upset with the decision of Hollywood to not allow reality show “stars” to have stars on the Hollywo0d Walk of Fame.  Why should they deserve it, they’re acting like idiots, but that’s not acting, that’s how they really are in some cases.

Now, some make the case that Lassie got her own star, and heaven forbid, how is that possible?  I can tell you, Lassie acted her damn ass off, as I’m sure that every time Timmy got stuck in a well, fell down a cliff, or ended up in the jaws of a bear, Lassie wanted to tell good old Timmy to fuck himself, and deal with the situation like a man.   I’m sure that during the time Lassie was being made, that poor dog would go back to his/her trailer, quaff back a micky of Jack, smoke 4-5 cigarettes, and wish that she/he could just tear into the writers faces for the repetitiveness of all these shows.

Being a happy helpful puppy, now that’s acting.

Oh wait, maybe Snooki should get a star…here girl, here’s tequila, good girl…”whoof”

Sit bitch.

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