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Still Waiting


After word last week that I’m going to be admitted to the hospital for the ATGAM treatment, I am currently in another holding pattern.  A few things have to align, such as, an isolation bed has to be made available in the cancer ward, and the specialty medication has to be brought in from the Lower Mainland.

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The Word Has Come Down – Treatment Ahoy

I go for blood tests once a week to see how my blood counts are doing, and yesterday was not a good result.  My platelet level, which help the blood clot, was at 8 (normal person 25-30), and this is the lowest level they have ever been.  I saw my Hematologist today, and we have decided on treatment due to my bone marrow failing, and the aplastic anemia gaining the upper hand.

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New Les Misérables Poster and Featurette Released

I thought I would share an article written on a blog that I follow, “Kinselluloid” 

It’s a pretty good read, regarding the upcoming musical phenom that is being brought to the big screen, starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathway.

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Back From the Coast

Just got back Sunday from a quick weekend road trip to Chilliwack, Vancouver, North Vancouver and Maple Ridge.  Visited friends and family, and had a great time, although it was very tiring.  My daughter and I were wandering around Lonsdale Quay, in North Vancouver around the old shipyards, and tucked away in some bushes was this musical playing piece of art.

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BlackBerry’s Are Hot

I love videos, I like some commercials, women are hot, and I love my BlackBerry.  I thought I would share with everyone a great concept video of what could be the way Research In Motion targets certain demographics of their market. Continue reading

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