Home & Feeling Better

I’ve had a few people Twitter and text me asking if the two posts from yesterday meant that I was back in the hospital again.

The answer is no, I was only in ambulatory care on an outpatient basis for 6 hours, receiving two units of whole blood.  I was home as soon as the infusions were completed.

In the past, I normally feel MUCH better after receiving the infusions, but around 900pm, I started developing a really bad headache, as well as continued to feel listless and very tired.  I went to bed shortly after, and woke up around 100am with a splitting, earth shattering headache, which kept me awake for an hour.  This is not a normal occurrence, especially after I receive blood, so I popped a couple of Tylenol, and attempted to go back to sleep.

My sleep was very restless, and I awoke this morning feeling a little better, and VERY hungry, meaning my body was doing some repairing, and probably attempting to fight an infection, as well as process the new blood.

I’ll be going to the lab for my regular Monday blood test to see if my counts have risen (which I expect they have) but it’s a full day of drinking water for me.


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