Emblm Customized Smartphone Casings Are Awesome


I thought I would share with you a great Canadian startup, Emblm,  that allows you to personalize your BlackBerry,  iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, with a distinctive, one of a kind case.

Emblm, a Toronto based start-up, has launched its customization technology that embeds colours and graphics into OEM phone parts creating a caseless, customized device. Emblm is currently available for iPhone 4 / 4s, Samsung Galaxy SIII and most BlackBerry models. Emblm recently launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise $50,000 in 50 days for production equipment.

Emblm’s parent company, Smart Casing, first made a splash with successful appearances on CBC’s Dragons’ DenBNN’s The Pitch, and other national mediaoutlets. Smart Casing originally launched as a mobile branding company for corporate clients, but with growing consumer demand, Emblm now aims to bring the same customization service to the

masses with its proprietary technology and interactive online experience.

“We embed photographs, art, or just about any type of image directly into OEM parts for a permanent, integrated design. We wanted to develop a solution that was better than low-quality stickers and impersonal bulky cases,” Pranav Sood, founder of Emblm, explains. “The printing technology produces high quality images on nearly any surface, but what excites us even more is the durability we have demonstrated with our coin scratch test.”


Emblm has created the entire phone design experience online with its interactive website, www.Emblm.ca. Customers can choose custom colours, artwork from a gallery or upload personal images. They ship custom parts to the customer where there is either no installation or a minor non-technical installation that can be performed by anyone.

Once Pranav had the technology, crowd funding was a no brainer for Sood. “Emblm is very close to delivering the product and it requires a targeted amount of capital, so it made sense to launch a crowd funding campaign to make it all happen. It also gave us the opportunity to bring the world into our journey as we build the brand.” Sood has ambitions of launching several additional product lines under the Emblm brand, which he hopes will change the way people interact with technology.

Indiegogo funders have lots of reasons to back this innovative company. Emblm has announced today that all Indiegogo backers will receive a complimentary protective clear case with their order, normally an additional add-on. In addition

Emblm has a $25 Early Bird offer for the first 300 backers who will receive a custom iPhone or BlackBerry back plus free shipping to US or Canada.

Who doesn't like cute kittens

Who wouldn’t want a cute kitten on their phone.

“To have a successful crowd funding campaign would be a dream come true. I have developed the technology independently for over a year and the company has taken me on an incredible journey. It is finally time to get the product into the hands of individuals, who like me, use their devices for more than just talking.”

Pranav Sood
Emblm, President
Suite 1601 – 1 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 1A1, Canada
(647) 622-6647


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