NHL Hockey Fans Unite: An Inspiring Video

Janne Makkonen

Janne Makkonen Courtesy of Twitter

I am a hockey fan, especially when it comes to my Vancouver Canucks and the thrill I have each season that they start to make their run for the Stanley Cup.  I’ve been with them through their ups and downs through the 90’s all the way to last year when they were knocked out in the first round.   I was with them in Game 5, standing in CBC plaza during the 2010/2011 run, with my close friends, cheering them on as they tied up an exciting series with the Boston Bruins.

I don’t care about stats on each player, I don’t belong to a hockey pool, and I forget that sometimes this sport is about money.  I care about the beautiful plays, the excitement and the thrill ice hockey brings me, as well as millions of other fans.

This year though, I’m shaken as other hockey fans are about the looming lockout by the NHL of the players, and brings back the reality that the NHL is all about money, and that both the players, the NHL, and the owners make the fans pay every few years.  This is truly an insult to hockey fans everywhere. (rantsports.com)

I thought I would share with you a video by Janne Makkonen, a 21-year-old Finnish video editor, wasn’t going to take it anymore and turned his “passion” for hockey “into art.” The result? His “NHL — ‘Together We Can’ #nolockout” video went on a YouTube power play over Labor Day weekend, netting more than 75,000 views in its first 72 hours.

“Seeing the fans desperate for hockey was a huge motivator. It’s a time when it doesn’t really matter what team you support. We’re all united for one cause and that’s to see hockey,” Makkonen (@JanneMakkonen1 on Twitter) told Playbook via email Monday from Espoo, Finland. “I tried to make people forget rivalries and hatred and instead [focus] on the beauty of the game.”

Sources: rantsports.comESPN Playbook

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