Peachland Fire

Peachland Fire from Glenrosa – Courtesy of H.Nichol

Around my neck of the woods a forest fire began right near one of the major highway arteries into the city, and then moved down and destroyed a couple of houses.  It is quite large, out of control, and several people have been evacuated from the residences surrounding the community of Peachland.

Map of Fire Area

The biggest issue that emergency responder’s deal with in a disaster such as this, is those civilians that converge and flock to the scene, to take a look at the horrible events that are transpiring.  All persons should take immediate direction from Police and Firefighters, not only to allow these first responder’s to do their job, but also to ensure public safety.

Fire from Glenrosa Area – West Kelowna courtesy of H.Nichol

A friend of mine took this video from a very safe distance away, as well as provided the photos displayed.

Peachland Fire – Courtesy of H.Nichol

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