Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

 As the temperature approaches 25c here in the sunny Okanagan Valley, I realize that I have not kept the promise I’ve made to myself.  Get out of the house and do as much as possible while it’s nice outside, and not waste any summer weather.

Sadly, I just haven’t been up to it as I just wasn’t feeling well, fighting nausea and fatigue yesterday and today.  It’s a real pain to realize the hours have slipped by, while feeling this crummy, and going to bed and sleeping is the highlight of my 24 hours.

I shouldn’t say that I’ve been completly sitting on my ass, I did get a chance yesterday afternoon

Looking North on Westside Rd. by Log Booms

to snap a couple of quick photos of the area around where I live.  I also managed to put together a podcast for BlackBerry Empire, and get out for coffee with a friend with a quick trip to  Carmelis Goat Farm.

Although it may sound like I have been active, I feel like I could be doing more, due to the fact that I’m so used to be working, yet even these little outings wipe me out.  This is the most frustrated I’ve been, so filling my days with keeping my mind active is paramount to keeping my sanity.

This nice summer weather is to continue for the next few days, but I can feel my energy levels getting lower and

Northeast from Westside Rd. Log Booms

Northeast from Westside Rd. Log Booms

lower, and my natural instinct is to stop, lie down, and be poopy and a little depressed.

I am still waiting to find out what the next step from my Hemotologist is, drives this man a little insane, yet it’s not going to keep me down, because the word may be that I have to slow down whether I want to or not.

Looking East from Kelowna Log Booms, Westside Rd.

Looking East from Kelowna Log Booms, Westside Rd.

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