Back From the Coast

Just got back Sunday from a quick weekend road trip to Chilliwack, Vancouver, North Vancouver and Maple Ridge.  Visited friends and family, and had a great time, although it was very tiring.  My daughter and I were wandering around Lonsdale Quay, in North Vancouver around the old shipyards, and tucked away in some bushes was this musical playing piece of art.

The inscription on the front of it is quite faded, but says that it is to commemorate a Chilean Mariner who was commissioned to blow a horn in foggy conditions so that boats knew where to head to the North Vancouver

Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver

View of Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver

port.  On the side is a green button that you can push, and it will play (quietly) different “horny” music.  This piece almost looks like it’s been forgotten about as it has moss and overgrown vegetation over it.  I attempted a Google search to find out more about this art, but was unable to find any information about it.

If anyone knows the history about this piece, please contact me and let me know.

Old Crane Lonsdale Quay Shipyards

I traveled back Sunday on the Coquihalla Highway,and thought about the long trips that I used to take with my parents travelling from Quesnel to Vancouver in the Fraser Canyon.  Stopping along the way was a almost mandatory in the days of slower highway speeds, small family diners, and bad roads.  I made a spur of the moment decision to stop my 120 KM/hr highway speed and pull off onto a small side road to visit the Othello tunnels which were part of the Kettle Valley Railroad.

Upon entering the parking lot, I realized Sunday’s are not a good day to make this stop, as the parking lot was full of vehicles, and the last thing I was in a mood for was crowds.  Who knew that something that is so hidden and tucked away would be so popular.  Suffice it to say, I was a little disappointed, and decided to save the walk through the tunnels for another day.  What made up for it was the beautiful weather on my trip home to Kelowna, and I remembered what my mother had told me once, and that is stop and look around whenever one gets a chance.  I pulled over and snapped the below picture just off of  the Coquihalla River.

It’s always good to stop, and sometimes you find things that are hidden gems in this big world of ours.

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