Still Waiting


After word last week that I’m going to be admitted to the hospital for the ATGAM treatment, I am currently in another holding pattern.  A few things have to align, such as, an isolation bed has to be made available in the cancer ward, and the specialty medication has to be brought in from the Lower Mainland.

The horse derived serum that is used in the ATGAM treatment is not readily available, as the treatment I’m going through doesn’t happen every day.  So, while I’ve been waiting for the stars to align, and the call to come in from the hospital, I’ve been pretty much sitting around the house.  I haven’t been feeling well, battling constant headaches, fatigue and occasional nausea.

As in 2005, we are currently waiting for the call to drop everything and head straight to the hospital.  I will still be going in for my regular blood tests tomorrow, but I’m not allowed to be in crowds right now, as my immune system is in a very weakened state, and risk of catching a bug is quite high.  The last thing that we want to do is for me to be fighting an infection or virus when the treatment begins.  Onnce the call was made there is no stopping the process,  and my counts are at dangerously low levels.  I am  at risk of bleeding out and catching infection every day, and rest and saving the reserve strength that I have right now will hopefully quicken the healing process after the treatment.

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