Bacon Cheeseburgers and Slurpee’s Make the World Better

Bacon and Cheese on top of hamburger meat grilled to perfection and then stuck between two buns.  The only thing that compares to this wonderful invention is the taco, but talking about my love and adoration for taco’s is best saved for a better day.

The bacon cheeseburger is my comfort food when I’m feeling low, and amazingly when I’m getting bouts of nausea.

I have not heard anything yet from the hospital about when I may be admitted, and I’m getting a little tired of ranting about it here.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know about the frustration I’ve been dealing with in regards to my ATGAM treatment for Aplastic Anemia.

I’ve had two very good days, got out of the house, went to work to get some things in order, and to visit the wonderful (and very supportive) people I work with, but today I am feeling the effects of it.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, tired (as is normal) but good.  My stomach was a little queasy, but I just let that be and figured a day off would help me out.  I wasn’t exactly prepared for the nausea and vomiting that I would experience this afternoon.

I feel like I’m dealing with flu like symptoms, minus the fever, as my stomach is doing flip flops, and I have a general feeling of listlessness and aching joints.  This is typical about a week or so after a blood transfusion for me, as the transfusions are not helping my system for as long as they used to.

Yum – Summer Slushee

The ironic thing about all this though, is that I am craving a bacon cheeseburger in the worst way, with a dose of slurpee to wash it all down with.

During my stay in July at the hospital, Slurpee‘s (or Slushee‘s so I don’t infringe on any copyright) were my comfort drink.  They made me feel better, made me happy, and my god were they good.  The infusion of way to much sugar perked me up when my counts were low, and allowed me to go for walks.  I like to think that as I drank them, I worked them off at the same time so they didn’t stick to my gut.

Today though, I want a Slurpee, and a simple, good old fashioned bacon cheeseburger which not to much cheese, not to much bacon, and no stinking vegetables.  My favourite actually are the Dairy Queen bacon cheeseburgers, they are perfect little happiness pills in the shape of food, and the best thing is at Dairy Queen, you can order a Arctic Rush, which is basically a Slushee, but smaller particles of ice.  My personal choice is the lemon lime Arctic Rush, cause it’s tart and not to sugary.  Yum.

Although I feel like crap and all I want to do is lie under the covers and close my eyes, I want these things.  It’s amazing the cravings a person gets when they are ill, but I believe it’s this sense of control and normalcy about what we put into our bodies, be it good or bad, is important.

I love my cheeseburgers and slushee’s.

Have something to share? Leave in the comments your favourite comfort foods. 

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