Some New News Regarding Hospital Admission

I received a call today from my hematologist, and it looks like I will be admitted this Sunday to begin the ATGAM treatment.   I still have to phone Kelowna General Hospital admitting to confirm there is still a bed available for me first thing Monday morning, but if all goes well, I will be admitted in the afternoon.

I will be receiving the PICC line on Monday morning, and fluids will start to be dripped into me Monday.  I will undergo some blood tests, but more than likely, I will receive more whole blood prior to being given the first doses of the ATGAM medication Tuesday morning.

As a safeguard,  if it is found that the this treatment does not work,  I will be discussing a BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant) in December with my chief hematologist.  The reason that I’m not going straight through with a BMT is that the matching process takes a very long time, and it will take about 6 months of constant monitoring to see if the ATGAM treatment is successful. The odds are lower though, as this is the second time I’m going to be undergoing ATG, but we are preparing now as opposed to when my counts get to life threatening numbers.

I’ll post Sunday to confirm whether I’ve been admitted or not, cross your fingers.


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