Two Debates Happened Today



I just finished watching the final president debate, and it was … something. I won’t bore those that read this with my thoughts about tonights debate, as I don’t want to really post anything about my political views on Living Like A Boss, but it was sure interesting.

This is an election worth watching, and it has not failed to disappoint. Obama and Romney both came out swinging, but I still believe that each presidential candidate should be allowed to enter the debate stage with music fit for the World Wrestling Federation and pyrotechnics exploding.  That would make this election truly American.

Now for some other news regarding my admission to the hospital.

I have NOT been admitted as of tonight, and after quite a few phone calls to the hospital and both of my hematologists, I’m once again left in the dark.

Phoning the hospital after not hearing from them all morning, revealed that once again they don’t have a bed available for me, nor were they informed I was supposed to be put into isolation.  I did find out I will be stationed in the cancer clinic, yet when this will happen is unclear.  I also found out that the admission orders had just been submitted on October 19th by my hematologist here in Kelowna, although the medication for the treatment has been here for 3 weeks.  Riddle that one if you can.

I put a call in with my Kelowna hematologist and he informed me that he will be away this coming weekend. He doesn’t want the medication ran while he is out of town, but decided I should receive another two units of blood this week to tide me over till possible admission this coming Sunday.

I then received a phone call from my Vancouver hematologist and updated to what had transpired, and he was a little less than happy.  He informed me he would coordinate with my hematologist here in Kelowna, and get some plan in order, and phone me with an update.

I’m at that stage where the frustration level has hit a whole new high, and I’m debating just scraping the whole deal and asking for the ATGAM treatment to be done in Vancouver.  The negative part of doing this in Vancouver is that I won’t be near home for two to three weeks, and I would much rather recover in my own bed, with my own support system of friends and family around me.

This delay doesn’t just affect me though, it affects my family, my friends and my work.  It delays my recovery and feeling productive again.

I hope to hear something about admittance to the hospital by Sunday, but in the meantime, another 2 units of whole blood will have to do.


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