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Update – In Pictures – Slave Lake, Alberta Two Weeks Later

Amongst the ruin, a yellow balloon floated through the remains of a neighbourhood

Amongst the ruin, a yellow balloon floated through the remains of a neighbourhood

Just got tweeted from Brittney Le Blanc (@britl on Twitter) in regards to my previous blog post.  Updated pictures from Slave Lake, Alberta have been posted on the News 880 website.

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Buying Humans? – Empire Avenue


Not quite buying humans, but investing in a social stock market, you buy shares in other social users who have linked their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogs and RSS feeds to their account.  Based on their social activity, their stock will rise and fall, as will your dividends and investments.

I still haven’t quite figured the whole thing out, such as, does my stock value rise with the amount of Twittering or posts that I have, or is it in the amount of investment others put into my stock value.  Apparently, like the NYSE and NASDAQ, share prices can fluctuate daily based upon social media and Empire Avenue interactions, but their is really no clear indication on how that works.

This social interaction game is VERY addicting though, as I have caught myself following my shares, and others.  You are able to put price alerts on other users to watch when their stocks either rise or drop past a certain level, and I have already caught myself frantically selling off shares on a poor investment, who I guessed had been very active at one point, but had not put any worthwhile posts on for a while.

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Exorcisms Suck

Exorcist Movie Poster

The Exorcist is one of my favourite movies, by this video truly shows the power of technology in aiding the fight against demonic possession.

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You Could Be Mine” Director’s Cut – Unreleased

 ***Note: These last two articles were researched and written with a friends friend in mind, who had  never heard of Guns N Roses.  What has become of the last generation, listening to Rhianna talk  about tying someone up, to bouncy, crappy, techno.***

While I was writing up the previous blog post, I was looking for one of my most favourite videos of  all time, Guns and Roses “You Could Be Mine”

This video which played on MuchMusic and MTV had scenes from Terminator 2 – Judgement Day,  including  one of the most memorable spots of the 90’s, Arnie meeting Guns ‘N Roses outside the bar  they were playing at.  You have to see it to understand the thrill we had watching this video by  watching  it to the very end.

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AC/DC Live at Riverplate

I love AC/DC and HAVE to share this brand new release of AC/DC playing Thunderstruck:

AC/DC are to release the Black Ice World Tour live DVD on May 10 2011. It will be the band’s 6th live release which was filmed at the Buenos Aires gigs on December 2nd, 4th and 6th, 2009 in front of 65,000 people each night at the River Plate Stadium in Argentina.

The film was directed by David Mallet, who has been filming AC/DC for over 25 years, starting with “Who Made Who” which was also used in a feature film in 1986.

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