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Standing By, Like A Boss


After a long morning of calling, being told I would receive a call back shortly, waiting, calling back, being told the person who was to call me was on break, waiting, calling back, being told someone would get back to me, waiting, calling, person who was to call me is on another break, waiting.

I received a call from the hospital.

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Bacon Cheeseburgers and Slurpee’s Make the World Better

Bacon and Cheese on top of hamburger meat grilled to perfection and then stuck between two buns.  The only thing that compares to this wonderful invention is the taco, but talking about my love and adoration for taco’s is best saved for a better day.

The bacon cheeseburger is my comfort food when I’m feeling low, and amazingly when I’m getting bouts of nausea.

I have not heard anything yet from the hospital about when I may be admitted, and I’m getting a little tired of ranting about it here.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know about the frustration I’ve been dealing with in regards to my ATGAM treatment for Aplastic Anemia.

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Another Week of Waiting

Sometime Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, the ATGAM medication had been approved, meaning that I’ll be admitted very soon to the hospital.  I’m assuming I’m waiting for a bed to be opened for me at the hospital, although, the communication from my hematologist‘s office is still leaving something to be desired.

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Frustrating Friday

A little frustrated this morning after a full week of not hearing anything from my hematologist about when I might be going in.  Although I got a blood transfusion on Wednesday to get me over the hump, we were hoping to get some word about what the delay or hold up is.

Communication is vital to me, and right now the lack of communication between my hematologist and me is lacking.

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More Blood


After being told that I would be admitted at the beginning of this week for the ATGAM treatment, the medication has still not arrived.  The ATGAM medication is not something that is readily available, so that is what I’m guessing the delay is.  In the meantime, since my counts are getting lower and lower, my hematologist decided to do a band aid treatment of giving me two more units of blood this morning.

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