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My Million Dollar Movie – Zombies!

My Million Dollar Movie

About three years ago on the way to work, I heard an interview with Casey Walker on CBC Radio.  He had this insane idea to sell each frame of a movie that hadn’t been shot yet, till a goal of a million dollars was reached, and production could begin.

That dream has become a reality for Casey Walker, Producer and Director of “Little Bit Zombie”.  This homegrown Canadian project interested me and I bought shares, or frames in this unique endeavor.

Walker has just announced that shooting begins tomorrow, and I’m excited to see this labour of love, and true endeavor of stepping away from traditional means of raising funds for filmakers, and taking matters into the hands of true lovers and fans of movies. Continue reading

Gooey Vampires in Chapters


I was wandering around Chapters the other day, looking for some good reading material to pass away the Easter weekend if the rain clouds didn’t go away.  After pushing through the overpriced knick knacks they sell,  tables brimming with someone’s idea of a best seller and Larry the employee’s favourite picks, I somehow ended up in the teen section.

Chapters has confirmed that the mock vampire phenomenon that tweens drink up like Red Bull, has spread like fleas on the backs of rats during the plague, and infected our young.  If you haven’t already read my rant about this,  check out Disco Balls with Teeth.

Continue reading

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