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BlackBerry Twibbon Campaign – 10K Reasons To Believe

@BlackBerryDev, the official Twitter account for Research In Motion’s Developer Relations team, has begun a Twibbon campaign to help promote the 10k Reasons To Believe .

The 10K Reasons to Believe is all about what developers share why they believe BlackBerry 10 is the future of mobile platforms, and how they can be part of a great product.

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BlackBerry’s Are Hot

I love videos, I like some commercials, women are hot, and I love my BlackBerry.  I thought I would share with everyone a great concept video of what could be the way Research In Motion targets certain demographics of their market. Continue reading

Emblm Customised Casings


I just completed a review on the Emblm Customised Case for BlackBerry Empire, a blog that I contribute to, and I thought I would share this with everyone.  Emblm is a great Canadian company that I saw originally saw on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, and got quite excited about.

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Emblm Customized Smartphone Casings Are Awesome


I thought I would share with you a great Canadian startup, Emblm,  that allows you to personalize your BlackBerry,  iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, with a distinctive, one of a kind case.

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Time To Get Serious – Aplastic Anemia Rear’s It’s Head

I’ve Been Crossmatched!

If you’ve ever followed this blog, or were subscribed to it, you’ll notice with this post that the name of the blog has changed to Livin’ Like A Boss.  This change isn’t drastic, nor does it reflect the fact that I’ve grown into a narcissistic, egotistical jerk, but is more of a mindset to allow me to be positive about some of the challenges that I’ve faced this year.

I have aplastic anemia, a diagnosis that I’ve had for 24 years, and upon my upcoming 40th birthday, this condition has fully reared it’s ugly head and has shown that I’m not invulnerable.

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