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Do You Got Our Back? – Slow Down and Move Over

Slow down and move over.  It’s simple, a driver sees emergency lights flashing, be they orange, blue or red drivers have to be aware that roadside emergency services workers are there,  trying to save lives.

Since 2001, over 400 roadside workers have been injured or killed on BC roads, and not even one is acceptable due to a drivers negligence.

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

 As the temperature approaches 25c here in the sunny Okanagan Valley, I realize that I have not kept the promise I’ve made to myself.  Get out of the house and do as much as possible while it’s nice outside, and not waste any summer weather.

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Peachland Fire

Peachland Fire from Glenrosa – Courtesy of H.Nichol

Around my neck of the woods a forest fire began right near one of the major highway arteries into the city, and then moved down and destroyed a couple of houses.  It is quite large, out of control, and several people have been evacuated from the residences surrounding the community of Peachland.

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Vancouver Canucks – This Is What We Live For

this Is What We Live For

This Is What We Live For.

The mantra all season of the most amazing run of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

Words cannot explain the tension, excitment and pride we in British Columbia have for this hockey team.  We have waited 17 years for the Canucks to redeem themselves in a Stanley Cup Final, and 40 years for a chance to hoist the most coveted prize in hockey, Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Not since the Olympics has Vancouver been on the edge of excitement and pride, and it’s not just a city.  It’s a province, and it’s a country.

We are Canadians, who have not held the Stanley Cup in our country since 1993, when the Montreal Canadians beat the Los Angeles Kings.

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