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Emblm Customised Casings


I just completed a review on the Emblm Customised Case for BlackBerry Empire, a blog that I contribute to, and I thought I would share this with everyone.  Emblm is a great Canadian company that I saw originally saw on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, and got quite excited about.

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Emblm Customized Smartphone Casings Are Awesome


I thought I would share with you a great Canadian startup, Emblm,  that allows you to personalize your BlackBerry,  iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, with a distinctive, one of a kind case.

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BBM and Foursquare Demo – Video! | BlackBerry Empire

No longer a rumour, Foursquare and BlackBerry Messenger are going to integrate, and Inside BlackBerry has posted a video of how this will all come together.

BBM and Foursquare Demo – Video! | BlackBerry Empire.

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XPango – A Free Way to Get Electronics


Sure, we’ve all heard it before, free stuff for not doing much of anything, but I think I may of found a way to attempt to get a free BlackBerry PlayBook.

After looking all over the web for an inexpensive PlayBook, I ran across this site called Xpango.  Now, before you cry out, “Really Morb?” , just take a look at the site, and if you are so willing sign up, because it helps me get closer to my goal of a PlayBook, and may get you a little closer to something you would like.

I really do feel like a bit of a consumer whore doing this, but you’re partially right, I am a consumer whore.

Click here to sign up, please!!!

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On My BlackBerry

So I’m trying this via my so awesome BlackBerry Torch, yes I love my Torch. I’m still a little befuddled with my obsession over social media crap. I’ve always been private and hidden, yet this is the most non private nor hidden thing I’ve ever done.

I’m not an escapist, but writing shit down may be part of a new way to show my disgust at the things that made me a geek in high school.

At least my feet are proportionate to my hands.

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