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Network-I’m Mad as Hell Video

From the Movie “Network” – MGM & United Artists

I’ve had a few people ask me what the movie is from the Together We Can: #NoLockout Videowhich is a true full blown rant, and seems to be perfect in describing fans frustrations and views towards the impeding NHL hockey lockout.

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NHL Hockey Fans Unite: An Inspiring Video

Janne Makkonen

Janne Makkonen Courtesy of Twitter

I am a hockey fan, especially when it comes to my Vancouver Canucks and the thrill I have each season that they start to make their run for the Stanley Cup.  I’ve been with them through their ups and downs through the 90’s all the way to last year when they were knocked out in the first round.   I was with them in Game 5, standing in CBC plaza during the 2010/2011 run, with my close friends, cheering them on as they tied up an exciting series with the Boston Bruins.

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Vancouver in Shame – 2011 Stanley Cup Riots

Vancouver Riots

Vancouver needs to hang it’s head because of a group of idiots and hooligans.  The media are calling these people morons and asses.

[View the story “Vancouver in Shame – 2011 Stanley Cup Riots” on Storify]

Vancouver Canucks – This Is What We Live For

this Is What We Live For

This Is What We Live For.

The mantra all season of the most amazing run of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

Words cannot explain the tension, excitment and pride we in British Columbia have for this hockey team.  We have waited 17 years for the Canucks to redeem themselves in a Stanley Cup Final, and 40 years for a chance to hoist the most coveted prize in hockey, Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Not since the Olympics has Vancouver been on the edge of excitement and pride, and it’s not just a city.  It’s a province, and it’s a country.

We are Canadians, who have not held the Stanley Cup in our country since 1993, when the Montreal Canadians beat the Los Angeles Kings.

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