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Reality is a Dog’s Life

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I know I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, but I decided to take a bit of a hiatus this summer.  I was trying to enjoy some of the good things in life, while balancing family, work, and soaking in sun.  Sadly though, summer is quickly coming to an end, and winter will slowly approach covering us Canadians in cold weather, snow, grumpiness and depression.

As fall approaches, we can look forward to major networks putting on their crapload of pilot shows, and hope that the tv viewing public’s minds are jellyfished from Jersey Shore and Batchelor Pad.  The pitiful thing is, these shows are very popular, and even I have been sucked into watching an episode of Trolls and Lunkheads on the MTV channel.  (For those who have been subjected to Jersey Shore, I apologize to using big words.  Your brain cells will come back after a bit.)

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My Million Dollar Movie – Zombies!

My Million Dollar Movie

About three years ago on the way to work, I heard an interview with Casey Walker on CBC Radio.  He had this insane idea to sell each frame of a movie that hadn’t been shot yet, till a goal of a million dollars was reached, and production could begin.

That dream has become a reality for Casey Walker, Producer and Director of “Little Bit Zombie”.  This homegrown Canadian project interested me and I bought shares, or frames in this unique endeavor.

Walker has just announced that shooting begins tomorrow, and I’m excited to see this labour of love, and true endeavor of stepping away from traditional means of raising funds for filmakers, and taking matters into the hands of true lovers and fans of movies. Continue reading

My Obsession with Free Stuff

Free Stuff

It all started with the BlackBerry PlayBook being released, and it’s gone  downhill  from there.

I adore electronic toys.

I believe I have my father to blame for this as I often bounced on my fathers  back and asked little kids questions about what he was doing as he sat cross-  legged on the living room floor trying to figure out the wire tangle he had in  front of him.

I didn’t understand his mumbling and grumbling was to be taken for an intense  thought process that would include deciphering which wire in this tangle he  created was to be connected to a toggle switch box.  This switch box was to be  connected to his HiFi stereo system through another set of wires, and another  set of wires was to be pushed through a hole in the ceiling so he could listen to  the Rolling Stones while he pooped in the bathroom.  Often my mother would come home, and ask, “Why is there a hole in the ceiling?”, to which he would often respond to talking about the value of having stereo speakers in every room in the house, and how great it would be to poop to music in Dolby Stereo.

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First Photos of Dead Osama Are Fake – *Graphic Content Warning*

Photo shop is an amazing program, and within’ hours of the announcement of Osama Bin Laden‘s death, the below noted image was released.

An attaboy goes out to a RedditPics user’s sharp eye, and  the Telegraph’s Conrad Quilty-Harper for spotting the differences in the two pictures.

I truly believe that Osama Bin Laden is dead, as the American news just interuppted Judge Joe Brown to bring a live speech by New York Mayor Bloomberg, and repeated this over and over again.

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Osama is Dead – Some of the Best Twitter Posts

Most Wanted Found

A friend of mine suggested that I unwire my self from the world for the night, so I turned off the BlackBerry, shut down the laptop, kept the television off, and picked up a book.  I was actually quite excited, because I just haven’t taken enough time out of my of my life to relax and read lately.

The phone rang a couple of times and  I ignored it.   I resisted the urge to check out my Facebook or my Twitter on my phone.  I enjoyed my time, the peace and quiet, and found that a couple of hours had slipped by.

I turned the BlackBerry back on and it was having a bloody seizure, Twitter was going nuts.  I then turned on the TV, and learned  the world had once again changed.  Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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