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Two Debates Happened Today



I just finished watching the final president debate, and it was … something. I won’t bore those that read this with my thoughts about tonights debate, as I don’t want to really post anything about my political views on Living Like A Boss, but it was sure interesting.

This is an election worth watching, and it has not failed to disappoint. Obama and Romney both came out swinging, but I still believe that each presidential candidate should be allowed to enter the debate stage with music fit for the World Wrestling Federation and pyrotechnics exploding.  That would make this election truly American.

Now for some other news regarding my admission to the hospital.

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Back From the Coast

Just got back Sunday from a quick weekend road trip to Chilliwack, Vancouver, North Vancouver and Maple Ridge.  Visited friends and family, and had a great time, although it was very tiring.  My daughter and I were wandering around Lonsdale Quay, in North Vancouver around the old shipyards, and tucked away in some bushes was this musical playing piece of art.

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Vancouver Riots – A Taste of Western Social Media

Vancouver Riots 2011 06 15

Vancouver should of been sad and depressed after the loss to the Bruins after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, gone home, and mourned, and reflected upon an amazing season by the Vancouver Canucks.

Instead, small groups of individuals took it upon themselves to start throwing objects at a large television screen, flip over a car, start fires, vandalize and destroy one of the most beautiful downtown cores in the world.

Vancouver Police Department with assistance from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, quickly brought these rioters under control after three hours, showing amazing control and restraint under some very tense conditions.

Within’ minutes of these hooligans starting this 3 hours of destruction and violence, civilians started tweeting, phoning and volunteering photos and video of the actions of small groups of individuals.

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Vancouver in Shame – 2011 Stanley Cup Riots

Vancouver Riots

Vancouver needs to hang it’s head because of a group of idiots and hooligans.  The media are calling these people morons and asses.

[View the story “Vancouver in Shame – 2011 Stanley Cup Riots” on Storify]

Vancouver Canucks – This Is What We Live For

this Is What We Live For

This Is What We Live For.

The mantra all season of the most amazing run of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

Words cannot explain the tension, excitment and pride we in British Columbia have for this hockey team.  We have waited 17 years for the Canucks to redeem themselves in a Stanley Cup Final, and 40 years for a chance to hoist the most coveted prize in hockey, Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Not since the Olympics has Vancouver been on the edge of excitement and pride, and it’s not just a city.  It’s a province, and it’s a country.

We are Canadians, who have not held the Stanley Cup in our country since 1993, when the Montreal Canadians beat the Los Angeles Kings.

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