BlackBerry Twibbon Campaign – 10K Reasons To Believe

@BlackBerryDev, the official Twitter account for Research In Motion’s Developer Relations team, has begun a Twibbon campaign to help promote the 10k Reasons To Believe .

The 10K Reasons to Believe is all about what developers share why they believe BlackBerry 10 is the future of mobile platforms, and how they can be part of a great product.

What’s your reason to believe?

So you’ve seen and heard what others are saying about BlackBerry® 10, but what’s your reason to believe in it?

For you, is it all about the choice of development languages and runtimes? New tools that help you develop apps more quickly and easily? Clever integration with HTML 5 systems? Or something else entirely?

Share your reason with like-minded developers all over the world and be part of something great.

By adding a simple Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook icon, you are supporting the BlackBerry 10K Reasons to Believe, and show that you support and stand behind RIM in the months leading up to the release of OS10.

Click here to add the Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile pic, and share your reason to believe in BlackBerry 10. 

Originally Published on BlackBerry by yours truly.

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